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Welcome to Spiral Dynamics Integral (SDi), the remarkable body of work attracting a growing   constellation of thousands of people around the world. Spiral Dynamics Integral, or SDi for short, concerns itself with the deep complexity codes that shape our many worlds.

Dr. Don Beck

Conceived and led by Dr. Don Beck, a leading global authority on value systems, societal change, and stratified democracy, SDi is an advanced extension and elaboration of the biopsychosocial systems concept originated by the late Dr. Clare W. Graves of Union College, New York, and later developed as Spiral Dynamics - a model that Canada’s Maclean’s Magazine rather grandly dubbed  “The Theory that Explains Everything.” Well, almost… More »


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Courses and Events

Dynamic Integral Spiral of Spiral Dynamics Integral Transformational training and tools for exploring and describing the core intelligences and deep values that flow beneath what we believe and do. Our SDi learning opportunities include certification courses, seminars, confabs and public lectures worldwide, and offer you a profoundly incisive, dynamic perspective on complex matters as well as practical, hands-on guidance for local and global action.


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Spiral Dynamics in Action

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