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Rather than tracking what is “next” in terms of trends, theories, models, and programs, Spiral Dynamics Integral reveals the hidden codes that shape the evolutionary appearance of all such models. SDi offers a great deal, because it is crafted on an entirely new conceptual model of human nature, one that is rapidly transcending but including all that has gone before.  ~ Dr. Don Beck All SDi workshops and other learning events are presented by Dr. Beck, assisted by close colleagues in the Spiral Dynamics Integral constellation, unless otherwise noted. Events are constantly added here as info becomes available. Thanks for checking back regularly.


Spiral Dynamics Summit on the Future with Dr. Don Beck in Dallas, Tx 

April 17 – 22  SDi Certification Level I Training + The Conference

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Spiral Dynamics Certificate Course with Dr. Don Beck in Europe!

April 30th thru May 2 in Budapest, Hungary

Presented by Dr. Don Beck, Said Dawlabani, Elza Maalouf, Teddy Hebo Larsen, and Bence Ganti

Just a few days before the Integral European Conference, Dr. Beck and colleagues offer a 3 day Level l Certificate course!  The Spiral Dynamics fundamentals course is designed for people who wish to understand the Graves-Beck Framework in its pure form and learn personally from the originator of the model.

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Integral European Conference

May 4-8, Siófok on Lake Balaton, Hungary

Keynotes from our own Don Beck, Said Dawlabani and Elza Maalouf!  Plus Ken Wilber, Thomas Hübl, Jos de Blok, and Annette Kaiser The Integral European Conference is the prime gathering in Europe for the global integral community to connect, share and develop a global integral vision together. At this 2nd Integral European Conference we will reflect: What does it take to reinvent Europe from an embodied integral perspective, synchronizing different value-systems?

We welcome 600 integral practitioners from all over Europe and the world at the shore of beautiful lake Balaton in Hungary to share the latest insights from all areas of integral theory and practice, such as politics, business, education, medicine, psychology and more.

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