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Don Edward Beck, Ph.D, has been designing and implementing transformational practices for almost thirty years in corporate, governmental and community settings worldwide. He has inspired thousands of people toward a new experience of organizational and personal empowerment through Spiral DynamicsTM, his unique values-based model that charts the evolution and emergence of human nature a bio-psycho-social map of living human systems that focuses on natural designs and offers whole new integral solutions that are ecological, systemic, and life-affirming.

In this role as mapmaker extraordinaire, Beck not only charts the way to personal explorations and organizational design and alignment, but is actively engaged in macro-scale geopolitical transformations. Behind the scenes he played a major role in the design of the new post-apartheid South Africa and is currently guiding new integral thinking in hot spots around the globe.  The founder and owner of the international Institute of Values and Culture and The Spiral Dynamics Group, Beck is a founding associate of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute, a professor at the Adizes Graduate School in California, an associate of The Arlington Institute, and an advisory board member of the Spirituality and Global Affairs Associates. He is cofounder of the National Values Center in Denton, Texas. He is also a member of the American Psychological Association, the American Society for Training and Development, the International Paleopsychology Project, and a Fellow at the George Gallup Institute at Princeton. Beck is coauthor of The Crucible: Forging South Africa’s Future (1991) and Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership & Change (1996).

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