Human Nature Prepares for a Momentous Leap

So predicted Professor Clare W. Graves in his article in The Futurist in April, 1974.

I asked him when this “leap” would actually happen. He cleared his throat and responded, “I don’t know the exact date, but you will know when it happens.” One could detect a twinkle in his eyes as if he was gently warning that we would have quite a challenge with this “leap.”

I believe it is happening now. I sense we are witnessing the “perfect storm,” those moments when major inflection points appear to converge, and our historical clocks are set on a new epoch, a sea change, a transformation that cuts across so many domains, even cultures and continents.

When the United States inaugurated a new president on Tuesday, it was not simply the typical ceremony in Washington, DC, nor were its implications restricted to just a swearing in of a new leader. The multiple millions who braved the freezing weather in Washington came from around the world. Others were tuned in on CNN, or various Internet news sources. One could detect pixie dust on the whole magical scene, as if we were about to rescued by a human who appears to transcends mere mortals, a gift from the gods.

On Wednesday morning we all woke up to our realities, problems, and challenges, and we all know what they are. No need to repeat them here. Clearly, “we are the people” and “this is the time.” But, to do what? How can 21st Century problems be addressed with 21st Century Solutions? The presidential campaign and victory were about “change.”

Here we ask, change FROM what and TO what?

We plan to address these matters during 2009 with a new conceptual model – Psychology at the Large Scale. You will recognize Spiral Dynamics but find much, much more.

You will be introduced to MeshWORKS Solutions (MWS) that design and implement Functional Flows. You will learn how to create Transpartisan Processes (TPP) that mobilize all stakeholders and resources and bring them to bear on our complex problems. Just as the US Air passenger plane was recently able to crash land on the Hudson and instantly mobilize all of the factors that made survival possible, it will take the same collaborative effort to deal with our challenges and threats. This is not a call for naïve “come together” sessions that only foster limited views, good-feeling experiences, or consensus-driven, superficial solutions. Something new will be required, as we align technology with human systems, and levels of development with appropriate and tailored packages, for the benefit of the whole.

   In responding to the challenge, here as a first step is our new branding advertisement that will be in the next issue of EnlightenNext Magazine, as well as in other publications and displays. It sounds the key-note for our response to this “momentous leap.”

Be of good cheer!

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10 Responses to “Human Nature Prepares for a Momentous Leap”

  1. Jeff Baker Says:

    “Economics 101″ is a great article!! Back in 2004 I attended SDi training in Dallas. I was very impressed with SDi model, but the problem I saw in getting the ideas into the mainstream was that the SDi model was being hijacked by the Left. Very little consideration was given to the ideas of the Right. That is not integral. Obama won the election on a skillful use of Second Tier language and content, but using a demagogery appealing to pre-modern impulses. Style over substance. The “stimulus” package, for example, can’t be justified in rational economics of Orange, but does appeal to the “feel good” mythology of the Left. Again, not integral–certainly not Second Tier. Does the inclusion of “Economics 101″ mean that there is now a greater recognition of the Right in a truly integral approach?

  2. Yogesh Dani Says:

    Thought Provoking indeed. I believe that the so called “Leap” is always in progress. There are so many indications.

    I beleive that for any great creation, there has to be great destruction. In the 21st century, there are so many signals of some great destructions happening – Economic meltdown, the way we do business now, Capitalism, Oil, this entire Economic / Material world based on the scarcity paradigm. In the midst of this chaos, Humans want change. To the unawakened, It will seem like there is going to be a “Leap”. But the leap to me is about the awareness of the awareness. It is all around. People’s Consciousness of all that is around.

    To me the “Leap” is a “Way”, To the uniniciated it may seem that there is a revolution on its way, something that is going to happen suddenly, at a point in time or in a window. But to me its not so. It has been happening always, this silent evolution, within this constant ever changing world, an always evolving universe. Thats because there is always balance in this universe. It is our inability to see this balance, that we think this Leap, will be sudden. Also the word in itself, Leap – meaning jump makes it sound instant, sudden, etc…

    In the last 300 hundred years there have been so many inventions by Humans, that it seems that the awareness of Mankind of the Universal Power, God, or whatever you call it, is declining. Yes thats true, we are ignorant, because we are not looking at it consciously. But it is simply about being able to.

    And so how are we to Prepare ourselves for this “Leap”. Frankly just be, just look around, just do, and in all of what we be / see / do, be aware. There are going to many models, that will be created, and then using technology, we will market it, and make it sound like some great stuff that needs to be acheived, and yet it is really so simple.

    Would love to hear from anyone else as well………



  3. Tomasz Says:


    You have absolutly right, but many countries are approaching their time. Look at my country, that european union money triggered “orange”. They won , and they are also dealing with positive GDp right now. But using your thinking and applying this to politics we can use this moentum to prepare for “leap” to catch up old Europe.
    Than all together with this understanding we can make “change” happen

  4. Bhakta Says:

    Can anyone here point me towards this “Economics 101″ article that Jeff B. is referring to in first comment above?

    ( entheobhakta at google’s mail system)

    Thanks for highly engaging site/content/focus.

    Deepest peace to all as this mysterious gauntlet we find ourselves running unfolds.

  5. cubrikaska Says:

    Felicito, su pensamiento es brillante

  6. Joe Egerszegi Says:

    I’m not sure we’re at that momentous leap just yet.

    If Spiral Dynamics progression is from Authoritarian Blue to Entrepreneurial Orange to Social Green to Second tier Yellow, and understanding that this progression is an oscillation between We/Blue, Me/Orange, We/Green, and Me/Yellow, then we have yet to fully adopt the complexity of Social Green as we stand today. Too often, we’re still directed by the volition of the power brokers, and not by democratic demands.

    If this same progression is mirrored in the personal maturation of the individual, then we would seem to be in our societal teenage, such that in the same way that the maturing teen wants to be an adult (and accept distasteful responsibilities) but would also like to hold onto the perks of youth (don’t worry, God/parent or wealth will look after all).

    We’re only beginning to understand the social demands to be accepted by us. I’d argue that it will only be at the Second Tier Yellow that socially we become the young adult, and even then, we’ll again be in a ME phase in the same way that the young adult wants to soar.

    SDi Yellow will be the truly momentous leap. Today we’re still hobbled by childish relationships, and we’re loathed to give up our teddy bears, but then this is a tricky time at best anyway.

    Where we are today didn’t come easy, so we should take some pride in where we are, even if only for long enough to renew that spring in our step to our next milestone.

  7. Lk Says:

    The great leap hoped from Obama seems to have stumbled on the problem of money in politics over which the hopeful one seems to have stumbled in every area of politics. He accomplished nothin transformational unless extending Bush’s policies even further toward oligarchy and authoritarianism be delivering bipartisan consensus is transformational.
    Has anyone dealt with the central role of money in politics from the integral leadership perspective?
    While the industrial era enfranchised women and slaves, it also – when paired with capitalism as the mode of organizing industrial production legitimized accumulation of unequal wealth that has disenfranchised the 99%.

    This might be viewed as raising antithetical implications of industrialism that can be transcended only when the power of the vote is harnessed to totally eradicate the influence of money in politics. For intro the subject of causes and remedies of this phenomenon, see

    Although this is the – often unacknowledged – central issue in every area of sustainability discourse, leadership in this transdisciplinary issue is wanting or conflicted by the dynamics of professional activism, and its dependence on the same sources of political money.

  8. Jaket Couple Says:

    Nice artikcel and very usefull, thank you for your sharing :)

  9. Stephen Waugh Says:

    Very good commentary.
    I believe both, that movement towards the ‘Leap’ has been building for several hundred years, but that the Paradym Shift itself is only now reaching its crescendo. The factors effecting this transformation have been growing exponentially and, while many of our forefathers predicted massive change in their lifetimes, without these coming to fruition, I think it’s getting rather safe to say that our species has entered the red zone, so to speak. But, while the challenges and affects are multiply at frightening speed, so are the potential ‘tools’ with which to address such issues. The universality of free communication between people, I feel, is the necessary vehicle to move a successful transformation of our existence forward. If those who currently hold the power of material wealth were able to remove this freedom, I believe the Leap will likely be one of destruction, at best returning our civilation to its infancy. However, if the majority of citizens combine to cement the common goodwill of all peoples, the artificial power of materialism will no longer have affect.

  10. Beth Estock Says:

    Hi Don,

    My colleague, Paul Nixon, and I have recently written a book called “Weird Church: Welcome to the 21st Century.” We have used Spiral Dynamics as the foundation of the book as we look into the next 35 years of evolutionary unfolding of Christian practice in the USA. In particular we are interested in the movement from the orange to Green to Yellow value memes and how that is playing out in Christianity in the West.

    I have been a big fan of yours since I read your interview in “What is Enlightenment” in 2002. I use your book as a key reference guide to my work as a coach and consultant.

    Simply put, your work has transformed my thoughts and my work. I agree with Ken Wilber that reframing Christianity, in particular, is key to helping people move along the evolutionary conveyor belt. I hope that Weird church will help intros process as well as introduce more people to your work.

    I would be honored if you would provide a recommendation for our book.

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